Captain Earle Waters; a life long resident of Florida, learned to                        handle          
cast and handle a fly rod from a next door neighbor, Clarence Pennell.

Clarence, an avid bass fisherman introduced fly fishing to Earle as another means of
catching black bass in the nearby lakes and rivers of north Florida. At the age of eleven
Earle had already accomplished fishing with conventional and spin gear. Earle recalls
reading every hunting and fishing magazine that was published in his youth. Earle states that
it was the intriguing articles written by outdoor writer, Charlie Waterman that inspired him to
seek the pleasures of the outdoors and the enjoyment of fishing. Hoping to experience just
a few of the same adventures, led Earle to the Okefenokee swamp and the Florida

Earle's passion for Saltwater fishing became a reality when his Father took a job selling
farm equipment to grove owners in St. Pierce, one summer. Earle worked on charter boats
in the day and snook fished  at night.

Upon entering college Earle took every break possible to head to the everglades for snook
and tarpon fishing. Also, while in collage Earle entered a higher form of excitement, racing
motocross. After serious injuries with motocross,Earle retired from racing and went back to
fishing and trials bike riding. Fishing won out over motorcycles when he got a taste of giant
tarpon at Homosassa, Mentor Capt. John Emery encouraged Earle to become a Saltwater
fishing guide.

In 1977 Earle met a Fly rod word record holder, Dave Chermanski. Earle credits Dave for
being the one whom first taught him to double haul. Once mastering the double haul and
boating many of those Homosassa giant tarpon Earle started soliciting fly fishing
customers to fish the Homosassa Tarpon migration.

Earle has become what some would call a Tarpon addict. Leading his customers to
hundreds of tarpon in the 150 pound range. At least a half-dozen of which have been lost
were considered to be 200 pound fish.

Over the years Earle has had the opportunity to guide a few fishing celebrities; Steve
Rajeff, Al Pflueger Jr., Stu Apte, Lee and Joan Wulff, Mark Sosin, and Joe Robinson, and
Roland Martin. All of which are record holders for casting or record fish.

Earle moved to Homosassa to seek a career as a full time professional guide in 1985 when
close friend and mentor, Capt. John Emory encouraged Earle to search out the flats of
Florida's Suncoast Keys, something no one else had ever done in a flats' skiff.  Nearly
every day during the following years, Earle poled the vast open flats and maze of Islands
that were abound with opportunities to apply Fla. Keys style sight fishing. The area was
found to be abundant with tailing reds, cruising cobia, and top water bait crashing jack
crevalle; all in crystal clear water.

Earle has set the standards and pioneered the way for catching many species of fish that
roam the skinny waters of Homosassa.

Earle's strong convictions for the preservation of the environment has led him to be a
strong supporter and board member of several conservation associations.

His attentiveness to detail and meticulous ways has also led Earle to his involvement in the
tackle industry, consulting for many of the leading tackle manufacturers. Earle has invented
several items for the tackle and boating industry.

Taking advantage of the opportunities to photograph many of his fishing and travel trips has
allowed Earle to share his photography talents with others through leading fishing
magazines and outdoor publications.

Earle, preferring to fish and guide his customers in a more tranquil atmosphere, has entered
the tournament arena from time to time.  Working as a team, Earle has managed  to keep
his anglers in the
winning circle many times over. Some of which include, "The SLAM", with celebrity angler Al
Pflueger and earning High Point Guide, two years running in the Tarpon Wear Tournament
in Marathon Florida. Also receiving top honors in the IFA Open in Tampa and Homosassa.
Top honors in the 2005 CCA East Coast Tournament, held in Ft. Pierce Fl.

Earle resides in the small town of Homosassa, Florida, but is equally at home most
anywhere in Florida's remote waters.  Earle has spent the last several decades following the
fish he likes best; tarpon, cobia, snook, bonefish, permit, and redfish.

This Angling thirst of more and bigger fish has led Earle in recent years to the Caribbean,
South America, Venezuela, and Mexico.  Leading and organizing other anglers to
adventurous fishing paradise has also become part of his routine fishing duties.

Today you may see Capt. Waters fishing the Florida Keys, the La. Marshes, the Caribbean,
South America or right in his own back yard; pursuing giant tarpon.