Fishing Homosassa, Crystal River In
    Cold weather, Cool weather, Warm weather, Hot weather, that's what our
    weather has been like. Low water, very low water, High water, cold water,
    warm water, High pressure, Low pressure, that's the weather report for
    pretty much all of Florida this winter.

    The good news is that the fish still live in the water. Tarpon and Snook are
    always going to concentrate where ever the water temp is 72° plus. You
    can narrow that down to the upper portion of the Homosassa, Crystal
    River, and the power plant outflow. Look for the Snook to be the first fish
    to move into there winter quarters,The Snook will be hitting the heavy bait
    fish pods that will be in the creeks that connect to the Chassahowitzka,
    Homosassa and Crystal River. Red fish will be in the Rivers as well as in
    the flats around the Islands. Tide and water temps will be your key to
    finding fish. Remember finding fish that want to eat will take a little more
    work. redfish will stage in areas that are feeding zones and well as resting
    zones. Resting zones are best left alone. You can set up your boat away
    from these fish far enough away not to disturb them. At some point they
    will move to there feeding zones. With a push pole you can stalk them to
    there feeding zones. If you pressure them they may not do anything but
    make a big circle and go back to the safe zone were they were resting. You
    can alter the redfish movements by using live bait. Redfish will often
    respond with a occasional hook up. But if you can refrain from casting to
    them and hanging back until they reach there feeding zone, you will be
    rewarded with a much better bite. It is our natural reaction to think that
    every fish we find is starving to death, Not so! Patients will often reward
    you in these circumstances.

    Tailing redfish will challenge your best skills, sometimes they will react to
    any good cast. Most redfish today have encounter fisherman more than
    once. They have learned in order to survive they must keep their radars up
    at all times. If they seem to always be out of range set up your boat to were
    you can be up current of them and anchor or stake out, take a low profile
    in the boat and wait for them to come to you! The largest seatrout that you
    will encounter in the waters of Homosassa, Chassahowitzka and Crystal
    River will be in the coming weeks. Like the redfish water temp is important
    for the Sea trout. Moving water will be important but not fast moving water.
    Seek the flats that have current flow that either drops of to deeper water in
    cooler weather and yellow bottom flats that come from deep water when
    warm. Hard bottom will look yellow through most amber polarized lenses.
    The leading edge of a drop in depth will often be were the sea trout will
    hold. Now is the time to get out there if you do not mind dealing  Tarpon is
    just around the corner.  Look for 75 degree water temp for tarpon. Most
    veteran tarpon fisherman would say, the best tarpon fishing comes when
    your are sweating standing still and doing noting. These are the days when
    you have not even the slightest breeze which in turn allows min. Oxygen in
    the water and the tarpon will roll on the surface. This aids the sight caster.
    This season May and June will go down as a banner year for a lot of
    anglers and guides. Tarpon addicts will not give it up in July, they will pick
    up the north bound tarpon the flow threw our coast, stopping along the
    way on the outside keys that dot our coast. This can be a good time for
    those who would like to take a tarpon on conventional tackle, by throwing
    jigs and plugs to them. Your days will have to be picked carefully due to
    the weather, most morning or afternoon storms will be packing a lot of
    electricity. You can leap frog the migration if you are willing to move up the
    coast to places like The Dog, Blow Hard Bay, Mud Cove. Hells Pot,
    Location X, near Lanark and beyond in Florida's panhandle Some may
    venture on all the way to Texas and arriving with the fish around early
    October for most anglers the gas prices are going to keep them close to
    home. The non migratory tarpon will be well up the rivers until the water
    temps start to climb next spring. Fishing with plugs and cut bait will be the
    order of the day or night. August and September will be a good time to put
    new batteries in your cap light. Night being cooler than the day time will
    bring out a breed of its own. Tarpon fishing is additive fishing. The night
    time bonus will be some very big Snook the seek some of the same habitat
    as the tarpon. The down size will be you will probable miss watching
    dancing with the stars with your wife. An occasional cat fish will keep you
    on the edge and from nodding off. When you do get the bite you will be
    dancing with Silver under the stars. (don't seem to excited when you get
    home from a good night dancing with silver). She may not let you go again.
    If your not fishing with a ugly stick, drop off your rod at your buddies
    house before going home! This will keep her from braking your rods! You
    want a milder life style , try some night fishing for some oversize red on the
    spoil banks out off of Fl. Power, Crystal River. Daytime is good lots of
    days. Night time often brings in even bigger fish. There will still be plenty
    of reds in the back country during the day. Don't expect them to jump all
    over your bait of choice. The water will be hot and even the fish will be
    moving and feeding slower. Expect them to turn on when the water temp
    drops to 72 degrees. Until the floating grass subsides, try using a Jerk
    shad rigged weed less. Work it slow or if it is scented like Gulp try just
    leaving it lie still on the bottom. White or new penny always good colors to
    start with. If you venture into the back country fish the points and rocky
    shorelines for more concentrated fish. Once out of the floating weeds try
    some top water lures for some added action. 15 pound leader is OK unless
    you encounter a Snook. If in doth use 40 pound test for a leader. Most
    Reds will not be to leader shy when using top water plugs. Make sure you
    got good hooks on your plugs, most plugs do not come with very good
    hooks. I prefer to change out all of my stock plugs with 4X strong hooks.
    Fishing will still be good in the coming months, you will just have to make
    adjustments to the weather!