In the mid 70's I was introduced to fishing for permit and mutton snapper by
my mentor and friend Capt. John Emery. John was very fond of the fishing in
Key West for these fish. Muttons were very common on the flats, hitchhiking
on the backs of sting rays. Each year I would make a trip to the lower keys
in October to fish for these fish. Muttons became harder to find over the
years and I found lodging with a boat slip more difficult.. Weather was
seldom a problem in the keys in Oct. But if the wind blows you are pretty
exposed. When I started booking customers to fish in Key West we would
loose a day here and there to heavy winds. Since we were there for the
fishing only, I started to explore the keys around Big Pine. This is were a
meet a few friends that enjoy permit fishing as much as I do. I must say that I
think the learning curve for finding permit on a regular basis was for me the
hardest of all the inshore fish I know. With the increase protection that the
permit have received and the increased knowledge of there habitat, I must
say my numbers are as high as the tarpon that my customers catch these
days. Better fly designs, fly lines and just a better understanding of what
permit do, have made them a very exciting quarry. There shear numbers
are astounding. Schools of surface swimming fish of a 100 or more is a sight
to see. Most of the places I fish in the Keys today are not pressured by
other guides and anglers in October, making it equally exciting knowing
when you find them, no one else has been pursuing them. Weather you like
fly fishing or using light tackle with a silver dollar crab to pursue permit. I
don't think there is a better place or time to fish for permit. I always look
forward to October rolling around to pursue the elusive Permit. Now is your
chance to enter into the world of the permit. Along with your fishing
excursion, I will be providing lodging at a private camp in the lower keys.
Couples will stay in the upper level in the permit room. This is the luxury
suite, equip with all the amenities needed and a queen size bed that will
help make those sore muscles (from fighting permit) relax. For the guys.
You will be put in the bonefish room. Twin beds is the arrangement here. I
will be staying in the redfish room and if the owner is in, he will be in the
Tarpon House. The boat will be only a few feet away with fuel and Ice ready
each day. Lunch will be what you make as the rooms all are self contained.
We will make runs to the nearby Winn-Dixie when needed. I will act as chef
each night with fresh mangrove snapper, which we will catch on our way in
each evening! If fish is not your choice, we can pick up whatever you like at
the Beef People store. We will make a run oceanside and to the gulf side
each day and will always be running protective waters. Usually you will be
fishing within 20-30 min. from the camp. Sight fishing will be the order each
day. The bonus fish and for those who would like to be recognized for
catching Grand Slam, there will be the opportunity of catching bonefish and
tarpon. In good weather Permit fishing is great, in bad weather permit fishing
is great. So don't miss out on this opportunity to have a great time fishing
the Florida Keys.

Rates: Lodging and Charter: $
650.00 daily (one or two anglers or guest)


Grand Slam Lodge
Grand Slam Lodge