Fishing Homosassa for Tarpon
The First Thing a Tarpon Should See!
The fly should be the first thing a tarpon encounters when he approaches you. Not the leader, not the fly line or backing (for
you long casters)not your rod or the boat you are in. An especially you the angler, waving your arms all over making a cast!
Feeding them the wrong fly can turn great expatiation's into disappointment. I have fished just about every place that tarpon
are known to exist, especially  tarpon that are over 100 pounds. Using many patterns and colors, I  have narrowed down my
choice of only one design and several different colors with the only various to the hook and size of the fly. The fly has
become very specialized  to tie  and I have them made for me. The material is dyed especially for the purpose of given the
maximum intensity that I think it needs. I spent a lot of time with  some folks  I know that dye carpet, in order  to come up with
the colors I so like. For the first time ever this fly has become available for sale! These are the same flies I fish with today. All
made here in the USA. Six prepackage tarpon flies are $40.77. Contact: Kim Lee at:

CONTACT ME AT 352-302-0359 OR 352-628-0359 FOR AVAILABLE DATES