Guide Win the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza with ease in-depth guide

There are a variety of different strategies you can use to do this, but they will require preparation, planning, and more often than not, luck. If you have friends to help you, especially on PvP servers, your chances of winning are definitely going to increase, but there is never a guaranteed win in the Extravaganza. You will just need to start fishing as soon as the competition starts. There is no other requirement to enter the competition.

You can turn in 5 fish as many times as you want during the 3-hour tournament period. You also need to be standing on coastal or inland waters in Stranglethorn Vale when the tournament begins. There are no Pools of Tastyfish in Booty Bay itself. In Retail, the fishing tournament takes place in Northern Stranglethorn, which scales from levels 25-60.

You’ll just waste the you could have made turning them in for cash. The first one to catch 40 Speckled Tastyfish and turn them in to Riggle Bassbait in Booty Bay wins the tournament. In Classic, he target fish for the tournament, Speckled Tastyfish, can only be fished up from a Pool of Tastyfish. In Retail, Speckled Tastyfish can be fished up in any fishing node in STV, not just from a Pool of Tastyfish. With that in mind try to remember how many casts you finished before a competitor arrives at your pool.

I would also advise you to have your mount, hearthstone, elixir of water walking or similar abilities bound to convenient keys as well. Additionally if you have headphones or speakers it is a good idea to turn on sound effects so that you can easily hear the bobber when you catch fish. Your main requirement should be to find a PvE server (if you aren’t on one already) to avoid any PvP conflict during the event. You can turn in your fish and win the event even if you are hated with Booty Bay, just try to avoid any conflict with nearby guards. The first 3 players who deliver 40x Speckled Tastyfish are awarded the Master Angler of Azeroth achievement, which is part of the Accomplished Angler achievement. If your companion has nothing to do, they can always scout out pools for you to move to next, to avoid you losing time to searching for one.

There are rare fish you can also catch in the Tastyfish schools, which you can turn in to the Fishbot 5000 NPC for special rewards. You can continue to fish for Tastyfish after a winner has been declared. You can safely fish all the way until 4pm; the NPCs for the turn-ins will stay around for an hour after the tastyfish schools depart. Turn off your PvP flag for this event if you are not on a PvP server. If there’s an announcement when there are winners, it’s very difficult to notice when your eyes are locked on your bobber.

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