How to get fishing license for Michigans 2021 season

You can also get a license from one of the state’s license agents. Another option is to buy your license at a Department of Natural Resources Customer Service Center near you. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. For a full listing of help desk numbers, field offices, and other ways we can help, please visit our contact page.

The use of release tools such as dehookers, rubberized mesh nets and such will help in decreasing the stress on the caught fish. In the state of Michigan, anyone at the age of 17 or above, needs to get a fishing license. U.S. military members who are currently full-time federal active-duty status.

Discover why is it important to get a fishing license for wherever you are going to be fishing. DNR forest resources professionals maintain healthy forests, manage wildfire, maintain responsible harvesting certifications and improve wildlife habitat. When you purchase your license online, you can choose to automatically renew it for the following year.

In this page you will find the most up to date information for Michigan fishing license, cost, age and how to get a fishing license in Michigan. Click the box above to see all our offerings, or click the program below. DNR educators across the state provide fun, educational activities, programs and workshops year-round for adults, families and kids. Visitor Centers across the state provide education programs, field trips, archery, fishing, trails and much more. Click the box above to see all our locations, or click the individual location below.

Residents and nonresidents can also fish without paying license fees on Michigan’s free fishing weekends, which happen twice a year. Please note that a sturgeon permit and harvest tag are NO LONGER REQUIRED. However, you must register your sturgeon harvest within 24 hours. All of the information and data for fishing license in Michigan is being updated on a regular basis by our team. If you have any updated information, please write us on the comments form below or the contact us page.

The best time purchase a license and to maximize its validity is every March 1. Combination licenses are also available, which grants a license to both fish and hunt in the state of Michigan. A resident has to pay $76.00 for an annual combo hunt/fish license while a non-resident needs to pay $266.00 for this license. Please note that resident seniors who are 65 years old and older, as well as those who are legally blind, can purchase a combo license for a discounted rate of $43.00. Michigan’s fishing rules and regulations were formulated and strictly implemented for the protection and propagation of healthy fish populations.

The waters of Michigan are some of the best in the world of freshwater fishing. The inland lakes and estuaries are teeming with various species of bass, walleye, sunfish, perch, crappie, carp, pike, catfish and more. Sign-up to receive our monthly newsletter with interesting blogs about fishing and boating.

These licenses can be purchased across the state, and the fees vary depending on certain qualification and status. Senior residents, including those who are 65 years and older as well as those who are legally blind, can avail of the annual fishing license for a discounted rate of $11.00. But the Michigan DNR reminds everyone that it’s also a good time to purchase your 2021 fishing license as they are now available to purchase for the season kicking off April 1st. Michigan’s annual fishing license is valid from March 1 to March 31, 2022. During the Free Fishing Weekend, all fishing license fees are waived for two days.

These regulations may be modified from time to time to synch with present fishing conditions so it is important to for an angler to read current fishing rules and regulations for each fishing trip. The easiest way to get your Michigan fishing license is online on the Michigan Department of Natural Resources website. From here, you can purchase a license and also complete other activities like reprinting a lost license.

Additional resources and information can be found directly on the Michigan Department of Natural Resources site. In addition to full time positions, we also hire many seasonal positions including park workers, interpreters, rangers, wildlife workers and more.

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